General terms and conditions of use

General Terms of Use of the Tarn Tourism’s Media Library.

By accessing and/or using any images, videos and other data featured on the Tarn Tourism website, ( you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

These terms of use are subject to the applicable laws regarding intellectual property rights.

Access to data is uniquely reserved to those with the intention of promoting the Tarn Department.

Photographs, videos and all other documents obtained through the media library cannot, at any time, be used for commercial purposes.

Authorised use of data:

Images featured on the Tarn Tourism website ( are exclusively reserved for the promotion of all or part of the Tarn Department.

  • In all free online or paper based communication tools.
  • In any press or media articles (except front covers)

Unauthorised use includes:

  • Commercial publishing (post cards, commercial advertisements, posters etc.)
  • Advertising via media buying.
  • The use on social media sites.

Users include (but are not limited to):

  • A touristic partner of Tarn Tourism
  • A travel agent, coach company, tour operator etc.
  • An association, school, institution etc.
  • A journalist or media outlet
  • A supplier for the Tarn Tourism, such as a communications agency
  • A private user (student, private individual)

Not all images are royalty-free for all users. An access code to the media library will be given to the user depending on their rights.

All reproduction of photographs by the user or third parties is strictly prohibited. Photographs must not be electronically saved. The use of photographs within social media is forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to modify, in any shape or form, the photographs, videos or any other documentation which are downloaded, unless previously agreed with Tarn Tourism and the data’s creator, with written permission on their part.

Other Terms: all other use throughout this period will be subject to a separate negotiation with the photographer, especially for advertising via media buying.

The procedure for accessing the multimedia library.

All persons wishing to have access to the multimedia library must register by filling in all fields of the applicable form. After reviewing the application, Tarn Tourism reserves the right to accept or deny all enquiries. Tarn Tourism reserves the right to remove all access and privileges of any user, without warning, in the case of misuse or infringement of these conditions.

Each user is responsible for the confidentiality of their own password. They are equally responsible for all activities undertaken with the use of their email address and password. They commit that they will inform Tarn Tourism immediately if an unauthorised use of their email address or password is noticed.

All total or partial representations of this site or its content, by any persons without prior authorisation expressed by Tarn Tourism is forbidden and could be construed as counterfeiting, sanctioned by articles L. 335-2 and other applicable laws regarding intellectual property. Data (photographs, videos and other documentation) obtained from the media library must only be used in respect of the terms which have been agreed to. It is especially forbidden for the user to transmit to anyone or to republish downloaded photographs without prior written permission from Tarn Tourism.

The Terms of Use and compulsory photo crediting.

Tarn Tourism grants the right to use, for free, by means of downloading, one or more photographs or videos to the user where the request has been validated. Tarn Tourism still holds the usage rights of all photographs. However, Tarn Tourism takes no responsibility in the case of any eventual appeals, judicial proceedings, complaints or any request from anyone, especially with regards to the appearance of an image of an onlooker, the production, reproduction, publication, publishing or the public circulation of an image by the user. Tarn Tourism takes no responsibility for photos which have been framed or otherwise modified.

The user commits to respecting the copyright of the photos. They will mention, close to any reproduction (both in print or online) of an image, the photographer’s name as shown;


Furthermore, the user commits to respecting all information and restrictions specified in the photograph information section found on the multimedia’s website.


The user guarantees that in the case of misuse or infringement of use that the Tarn Tourism will not be subject to any appeals, judicial proceedings, any complaints or any requests from any person regarding the images.


Personal Data / Privacy Policy

Any personal data provided by the user, when opening their account is saved in the administrator folder. At any moment, the user has the right to access, modify, rectify or remove data concerning themselves (The modified law Informatique et libertés 6th January 1978) by accessing the section “My Account”.

Notice of Publication

The user commits to sending a notice of publication via post to Tarn Tourism, 41 Rue Porta, 81000, Albi, France or via email to indicating the link on their site where the photograph(s) appear.

Applicable laws, jurisdictions and contractual documents.

The current terms and conditions are governed over by present French Law. All use not conforming to the terms and conditions of the Tarn Tourism’s media library could be subject to legal proceedings heard by courts with the relevant jurisdiction.